It Is Time To Take Care Of You!

January 28, 2016

Michelle Powell

Learning to love yourself is a process. And part of that process is learning when to make time for you! I am a mother of five and trying to find that balance for myself was difficult at first. But, I learned, that if I don't take care of myself, no one will! I learned in this process, that my dreams matter too. I have learned that my goals are important too. So many times, we have been told that once you have children, your life is over and the children's life begins. This is not so. We haven't lost ourselves when we became mom's. God blessed us with special gifts to nourish and care for. But, He never intended for our lives to be over! As we are pouring into our children to help make thier dreams a reality. We should do the same for ourselves.



Lord, help me to see myself the way you do. Help me to know that I m worth it! You placed gifts inside of me, not for them to go dormant, but, to see them become reality. Lord, help me to trust you and belive in myself again. In Jesus name Amen!

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